sarGraphs: Light Weight Server Stats
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OS Documentation:
* Redhat / CentOS 5 Instructions
* Debian Instructions
* Gentoo Instructions

OS Version Requirements:

Software Version Requirements: sysstat
php GD with Freetype support


* Be sure you have sysstat installed and running.

* Get the latest sarGraphs source from github.

* Clone or extract the sarGraphs source to a Web readable location, or a install directory of your choice.

An example Apache configuration would look similar to below:

   Alias /sarGraphs /usr/share/sarGraphs/
   <Directory '/usr/share/sarGraphs/'>
        AllowOverride All
* Be sure this path allows override (to run .htaccess files).

* Test the application is working properly by running ./ as root.
If working, you will notice in the graphs/ & raw/ directories are populated with data:

* Verify the data is available via the web, password can be found (and changed) in sarGraphs_1.1.0/password_file.php #(This would be the path you created)
* Create a new crontab for root as below (runs hourly)
10 * * * * /usr/share/sarGraphs/ 2>&1  #(Add in the correct paths)
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